Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poetry Session!

This is a terrible poem in a technical sense - but it speaks to the state of our culture well.

He’s Coming!

Tom Cruise is coming! Quick, prepare the way!
The heartthrob actor, hot and sexy still.
Oh, what a wonderful and happy day!

No way! Tom Cruise is coming? You don’t say!
The man who feigns so well an iron will?
One side, you stupid people! Make a way!

Hey, guess who’s coming? Dawkins, on the way!
He fights for science with such reckless skill.
Our town is once more honored, here today.

That man of genius, here at last, you say?
His head in realms beyond ours! What a thrill!
I need to see him! Move! Make way, make way!

The President is coming! What, today?
Yes! He has come to push his health care bill.
I’m going! Move, you fools! Out of my way!

The Lord is coming! Bend your heart and will!
The Sacrament divine is coming still!
The Lord is coming! Quick, prepare the way!
Shut up, I’m busy, damn you! Go away!

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