Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poetry Session!

I think men often need reminders that if we really wish to follow Christ, we must often take the painful path...

A Darker Road

I see Your body straining on the cross,
And yearn to bear with You Your weighty road,
And long to join You, paining in your loss.
God, grant that I make walk a darker road!
A path of painful thickets, thistles, thorns,
That road make mine, though I am frail and weak,
That I may bear mens' hatred, jeers, and scorns,
And learn to suffer ill and still stay meek.
The via dolorosa that You walked,
Let every step I take with Yours combine!
As You were mocked by men, may I be mocked,
And may my cross decrease the weight of thine!
The torment of the valley makes it sweet,
To bear Our cross in pain and joy, complete.

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