Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The 6th Proof for the Existence of God

Move over, St. Thomas Aquinas! I have discovered another way for proving the existence of God, which I call the “6th way.” The 6th way is the proof of the existence of God through foolish men and women.
This is the 6th way, in syllogistic form:
·         Some people are fools.
·         Darwinian evolution dictates that faster, smarter, or more intelligent members of a species are better able to pass on their bloodline than lesser species.
·         Thus, fools, who lack the trait of intelligence, should not be able to pass on their bloodline.
·         But fools are clearly able to pass on their bloodline, as can be seen by the large number of fools in this world.
·         Darwinian evolution would seem to dictate the contrary.
·         Since Darwinian evolution is true, some element or force must exist that allows fools to pass on their bloodline.
·         But that element or force cannot be natural, because Darwinian evolution is the highest expression of the natural.
·         Therefore some supernatural element must be keeping fools alive and able to reproduce.
·         That supernatural element is what we call God.

 QED. Perhaps I should write my own Summa…

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