Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poetry Session!


He stands, defying God and Church
Pope self-proclaimed, from lofty perch,
Demanding God conform to his
Perception of who the Divine is.
Half-truths he weaves for foolish men
Ensnaring all those whom he can,
Explaining, but with meanings altered,
Revealing sweetly untruths uttered.
A following he soon attracts,
With these then he the Church attacks
Accusing Her of false instruction
He himself spreads truth’s corruption.
At length his followers realize
They have been duped with foolish lies.
Men who revered and praised his name
Return abashed from whence they came.
Forsook by men, forsaking God
He feels the lash of divine rod,
Deserted, stripped of every mask
Men take the man at last to task.
Then he, first and last of his line
Drops dead defying Christ divine.

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