Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feminist Hatred of Women

It is an odd characteristic of radical movements today that they seek the destruction of the very institutions that protect and sustain them. Radical environmentalists, who use the technology of modern technology to spread their radical agenda, call for the destruction of civilization itself.
This same self-destructive tendency is also evident in feminism. Catholic apologist and writer G. K. Chesterton famously quipped that “feminists want to destroy womanhood.” His quip is unfortunately devastatingly accurate.
For feminists hate everything there is about being a woman. They reject motherhood, deny their own femininity, and seek traditionally male roles solely because they are not traditionally female roles. They seek liberation from the duties (and joys!) of motherhood and marriage, and instead seek empowerment and license. They want all the good points about being men, without any of the difficulties.
(I am not saying women should be forced to leave the workforce. But women who choose to raise their children at home should be supported for making that choice, and not attacked by amazons who scorn their free decision to do so.)
In short, feminists want women to be males – without the duties that manhood entails. And in doing so, they render themselves and other women less happy. No one can be happy if they deny the role that God gives them. And feminists who reject their roles as mother and wife destroy the family, which in turn creates unhappiness in their own lives.
Many men have refused to accept their God-given roles, as part of a misbegotten reaction to feminism. They have instead retreated into an adolescent stage where sex, alcohol, and pleasure reign supreme. The spirit of self-sacrifice which makes a man male is discredited in modern society.
And the cycle feeds upon itself. If most men actually acted like men, feminism would be instantly be rendered irrelevant. For a virtuous man is far better at being a man than a woman will ever be. (Sorry, ladies.)
Male virtues like self-sacrifice, honor, courage, solidity, and strength are difficult to fully replicate in women. Female virtues such as nurturing, understanding, empathy, and intuition are impossible to fully replace in men.
Men and women were created with different capabilities and talents by God. Feminism seeks to deny these differences and assert the dominance of one gender over the other, just as chauvinism does on the other side. What is meant to be a complimentary relationship between man and woman becomes a power struggle. And both genders suffer as a result.  
This makes for a confused society – a society where women become hard and men become soft. A reversal of gender roles takes place, and the consequences for society are dire. Discord and strife between the genders is the inescapable result of this confusion.
A radical reexamination of gender roles is needed in society. Women, far from turning against their femininity in self-destructive feminism, need to embrace what it means to be fully female. And men, far from encouraging this behavior through cowardice, need to embrace their masculinity, with all the responsibility that entails.

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