Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pro-Life, Inside and Outside the Womb

A common and ridiculous claim among many self-styled “progressives” is that pro-life advocates care nothing about people outside the womb. 
This claim is nonsense, of course. It is incredible hypocrisy for abortion groups to claim that pro-life men and women care nothing for those outside the womb. After all, groups such as Planned Parenthood do not concern themselves with the health of the mother after birth control or abortion. Women after abortion (many of whom are poor and troubled) are thrown back onto the street, without healing or counseling from abortion providers. They are left alone by pro-death groups to bear their loss and guilt. And religious and pro-life groups such as Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More are left to pick up the pieces. 
Nevertheless, the progressive gibe, however ridiculous and untrue, still raises an important point. Pro-life advocates must be concerned with life after conception. After all, the common prayer that all human life be protected “from conception to natural death” spans the breadth of human existence. The true Christian must – and indeed is – concerned with human life during all stages.
This is NOT to say that opposition to abortion is optional. It is not, and never will be. But concern for those outside the womb is demanded of a person who claims to be pro-life, just as concern for those inside the womb is neccesary.
And the Church and pro-life groups consistently rise to the challenge. Pro-life people and pro-life groups are incredibly generous in the time and support they give to the underprivileged and the troubled. Crisis pregnancy centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, missionary work, teaching, and a host of other activities are run by the Church.
The Catholic Church does care for the poor, the troubled, and the disabled - indeed, more so than any institution. Motivated by the love of God, it effectively and joyously serves men and women of all ages.
The Church’s care for the unborn, the aged, and EVERYONE in between – is unmatched. The Church provides a consistent ethic of life from conception to natural death. And she lives that life out in Her mission, just as Her master commands.
And all of us who are Christians must remember to live out that mission, of service to all, inside and outside the womb.  

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