Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leaders and Lemmings

Men can be divided into two classes: leaders and lemmings. In the modern world, there are few of the former, and many of the latter.
A leader, simply defined, is one able to inspire people to do things they would not otherwise do. All men and women have the capacity to be leaders. All have the ability to lead by good example. Many, if not most, have the ability to lead by directing others. Leadership should be a common trait.
However, most people today do not possess the quality of leadership. Most people render themselves incapable of inspiring others to do good and avoid evil. And those few that do utilize the ability to direct people often do so to satisfy their own selfish ends, and not for the betterment of those around them.
Instead, they allow charismatic demagogues to lead them where they will. They are either blind followers of a particular person or ideology, or are slaves to their own disordered wills. Instead of being leaders, they act like lemmings, following wherever they are led.
Now, of course it is necessary for some men to follow others at times. Simple numerical truth dictates that only some can lead, while others must follow. But when men are called to follow, they are called to follow worthy causes and for good reasons; they are not called to blindly follow whoever tickles their ears or whatever strikes their fancy.
But blind, unreasoning following of unjustified authority is the order of the day. Men follow celebrities, pundits, “experts,” and demagogue politicians that tickle their ears, rejecting the dictates of their consciences and scorning traditional authority. They follow their own (badly formed) “consciences,” which tell them to do whatever they want with themselves. And they make themselves lemmings as a result.
This behavior is classic lemming behavior. And widespread lemming behavior is the sign of a self-destructing society. For a society where men and women are incapable of leadership cannot survive for long. If men are incapable of leading others – or even themselves – to live good and useful lives, then society is in peril.

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