Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poetry Session! The Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Sts. Cyril and Methodius Day, everybody!
Oh, and it's also that other holiday, the ridiculously confectionalized one. But like Christmas, despite all the nonsense surrounding it, St. Valentine's Day still serves a good and holy purpose to those who seek to love and obey God.

And as an excuse to inflict poetry on you! (Insert evil laugh here!)

O lady of my dreams, our hour draws near,
The time in haste approaches when we meet,
But first must come my trial of pain and fear
The bitter must be tasted ere the sweet.
For saintly souls do not in shadows walk,
And so the angels' staircase I must climb.
For mortal vision could not bear the shock,
Nor low and craven enter the sublime.
I hear your lovely voice in every sound,
In all my dreams you beckon me and call,
With every passing day you more surround,
And grow as I seek to give you my all!
Strange, is it not, that still we have not met,
But still I hear you call me onward yet?

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