Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am a Catholic

I am a Catholic.
My Catholic faith is not secondary to me. It is not a passing fancy to me. My Catholicism is my life.
It is the single most important thing in my existence, my reason for life, my purpose, my joy. It is my very essence. The practice of my beloved Faith is why I get up in the morning, why I work, why I rest, why I exist.
If you cut me, my blood runs Catholic. You cannot purge my Catholic faith from me, any more than you could stop the sun from rising.

If you befriend me, you befriend a firm believer in Catholicism. If you love me, you love my Faith as well.
Insult my Faith, and you insult me as well. You cannot attack my Faith without attacking my very essence. And if you seek to harm my Faith, I will defend it, God willing, with my life.
Until my dying day, I will remain a Catholic, now and forever.
And I pray with every fiber of my being that as I am, you also will be.  

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