Friday, April 20, 2012

The Falsity of the Sexual Spectrum

Attitudes towards sexuality seem to fall on a spectrum. The two “extreme” positions on the spectrum, so to speak, are the Catholic view towards sexuality and the permissive view.

The Catholic view of sexuality posits that sexual behavior is for the dual purpose of procreation and unity. Any attempt to separate these two ends of intercourse is inherently destructive.
The permissive view of sexuality holds that sexual behavior is for the purpose of pleasure only. Any act between two consenting adults or beings (including polygamy, S & M relationships, and bestiality) is acceptable sexual behavior, because the only thing that matters in a sexual relationship is the pleasure of one or both individuals having sex.
Modern society appears to adopt a view of sexuality in the middle of these two extremes: for example, it accepts contraception yet condemns bestiality. However, this "middle ground" of modernity when it comes to sexuality is an illusion, because it uses the logic of the permissive view of sex to justify behavior such as contraception, and therefore leaves no logical defense against ever more shocking radical forms of sexual behavior.

Most people attempt to straddle the two extremes. Some believe that contraception is okay, yet refuse to accept extramarital sex. Others hold that homosexuality is acceptable, while polygamy is wrong. Still others believe that polygamy is acceptable, while bestiality is depraved.  

But logically speaking, if the premise is accepted that it is acceptable to thwart the biological purpose of sex through contraception, then the basic premise of the permissive view of sex must be granted.
For if sex is fundamentally about pleasure, than any measure taken by one or both partners to seek pleasure in sex is surely acceptable. Any opposition to things such as homosexuality, polygamy, and bestiality becomes hypocritical, because if these elements make people feel pleasure and are acceptable to two (or multiple) partners, than they are a positive good.
Since hordes of people accept the notion that contraception is permissible, they have no logical defense against the defenders of gay marriage and other sexual perversions.
The gradual erosion of sexual morality, where abortion, gay marriage, and other sexual "rights" become increasingly accepted and even entrenched in modern society, indicates the failure of a "middle way" when it comes to the sexual spectrum. 
Logically speaking, the only consistent views are the Catholic position and the permissive position on sex. Any attempt at a middle ground between these two views is, in the long run, impossible.

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