Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Poetry Session: Stressed Out Edition!

This is what happens when you have a pretentious grad student in a bad mood, panicking over finishing his papers on time, yet having a bit of time to himself and in a meditative mood. One who likes talking about monkeys, for some reason. 

I am a monkey on a stick!
Give me a coin, I do a trick!
I grin and clap and dance like child
Give me bananas, I go wild!

My cords are yanked, bonds to my skin,
I gambol for another's win.
A thrall to Master's every whim
I twist and kick and jerk for him.

And now I see with cross-eyed vision
Master smiling in derision. 
I squirm and twist to spare my life,
As my cruel Master pulls a knife!

He cuts my strings, and I go flat,
He drops me, and I go kersplat.
He grinds his heel into my face, 
He turns and leaves me in disgrace. 

And so I lie in deep disgust,
Until he picks me from the dust.
Another dance, another tune
A different ape, the same buffoon.

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