Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Nonsensical "Love is Love" Argument

“I love him, and he loves me! Who are you to hinder our love for each other? Love is love!”
This "argument" in favor of gay marriage is common. It is also an emotional appeal masquerading as a serious argument.
It is based on the false assumption that sexual attraction is equivalent to love. If sexual attraction is love, and any attempt to forbid love is discriminatory, then homosexual marriage must be clearly acceptable.
The proponents of this argument ignore the fact that the same logic could be used to justify “consensual” incest, or polyamory, or any type of relationship between two consenting partners.  
Why should the state forbid a brother and sister who are sexually attracted to one another from marrying? Because incest is disgusting? Many people say the same about gay marriage. Because the children the couple bear might suffer disease? The couple can simply contracept, and refuse to bear children. 
If a 30 year old teacher and a 15 year old student both consent to a relationship, then why should the state interfere?  Because the relationship is inherently coercive? Who determines whether or not a relationship is inherently coercive, anyway? 
If sexual attraction is synonymous with love, any type of consensual sexual relationship is acceptable. After all, love is love!


  1. This argument is flawed because it displays a glaring fallacy in its justification. To say that homosexuality is simply sexual attraction couldn't be any more wrong and it's simply misinformation. The feelings many gay couples have for each other is often the same that straight couples do. Of course sexual attraction is something that gays feel, but you can say the same of heterosexuals. There are plenty of gay relationships built purely on romantic interest. In fact, there are quite a number of gay relationships with more love, care and undying devotion than some straight couples. I don't know; it just seems wrong to deny some people love (because that is what it is) just because people have been misinformed and because it goes against what a book says. But that's just my two cents.

    1. You completely ignored my argument, but said something else which bothered me. Here is a fuller response to your comment.

  2. Two gay guys lusting after each other isn't the same as an adult male after a child. Or would you know differently? There is something much much more psychologically wrong in the later picture. Two adult gay men can reason their attraction for each other where as an adult male and a child cannot. It's really that simple.

    1. No, love is love is an argument that can be exploited. Two people in a incest relationship can claim they're in love so what's to argue against it if homosexual couples can use the love is love argument but they can't? That's the point, it's a bad argument to make


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