Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Evil and Catholic Bubbles

Temptation to evil – including grave evils such as suicide – afflicts everyone, even the most faithful Catholics and the strongest Catholic communities. Even the most faithful Catholics can fall into sin if they are not constantly watchful. 
For the combat between God and the devil is not static; it is a dynamic duel between two powers warring for our souls. 
There is a strong temptation to think of Catholic institutions and communities of friends as “bubbles,” where we are completely safe from harmful influences.
But evil is relentless and corrosive, and Satan constantly seeks to destroy the faith of even the strongest Catholics. Islands of faith and sanity (Catholic colleges, monasteries, meeting groups, etc) are places of refreshment of the spirit, where we must draw strength from our fellows in our ongoing combat for Christ against evil. 
Even the strictest monastery or the most orthodox college is no refuge from the trials of temptation. The man who runs from evil to these refuges will find evil knocking at his door.
Catholics cannot simply retreat to little islands, waiting out the tide of sin and sorrow while the world burns around them. We must fight for Christ, wherever we are - or else we will be conquered.

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