Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Return of the Poetry Session

It's been a while since I have tormented you, readers, with my bad poetry. Well, you shall be spared no longer.
This will be a somewhat ironic poem, since I am sitting in front of a screen. Oh, well...

Slave to the screen’s Pied Piper in a box,
Imprisoned by an image on a wall,
Held captive without shackles, bars, or locks:
A living, breathing, gaping china doll.
Sprawled on a chair, a mannequin now lies,
Chained to a shadow world with filmy eyes,
Trapped in a noisy, bright kaleidoscope,
Suspended from a foolish, flickering rope.
Unreal fantasias hold the doll in sway,
Snatching each wasted piece of life away:
The screaming image, blaring at full blast
Slowly entombs a brain inside its cast.
Another man through vision going blind
Another viewer melting in his mind.

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