Friday, November 9, 2012

My List of Loves

Years ago, I was asked by several of my friends to list what I love. I foolishly promised to do so, but my good intentions always take a while to complete.
So now that my interrogators have forgotten their requests, here, by unpopular lack of demand, is that glorious list. (They are listed in order.)
1.     God
      2.     Catholic Faith
      3.     Family
      4.      Friends
      5.      Writing
      6.    Walking
      7.      Intellectual Argument
      8.      Winning
      9.      Denver Broncos
      10.  History (especially Reformation-era)
      11.  Soccer
      12.  Sleep
      13.  Little Blue (my car)
      14.  Yuengling
      15.  Scrabble
      16.  Writing Bad Poetry
      17.  Civilization IV
      18.  Gatorade
      19.  Looking Down from Heights
      20.  Virginia
      21.  Pompous Word Choice
      22.  Salt
      23.  Settlers of Catan
      24.  Jolly Ranchers
      25.  Stratego

      There are other "loves," but you have suffered enough if you reached the end of this.

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