Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post-Election Musings

The presidential election is all over but the shouting. President Barack Obama just won his second term in office.
Make no mistake - his re-election is one of the worst things that Catholics in America have ever faced. The next four years will be very rough for the Church.
For Barack Obama merely introduced his attacks on the Catholic Church - most notably the HHS mandate - in his first term. He now has four more years to implement his attacks on the Catholic faith - his signature plan, healthcare, will take full effect in the next four years. And those attacks will come thick and fast.
But we must also remember that our strength is in God, and that we must avoid putting our full trust in princes such as Romney. God is our master, not men; we are servants of God, and not of government. And our home and our treasure is in heaven, and not here on earth.
When politicians such as Obama seek to persecute us and destroy us, always remember that God is on our side. Whatever may come, God is in control.

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