Saturday, December 8, 2012


This is the 200th post on Gray Matters! 
Milestones are curious things. From a practical standpoint, they mean very little. Big numbers ending in zeroes stand for... big numbers ending in zeroes. There is nothing inherently different in post 199 and post 200.
But milestones do signify longevity. Much of the power of a long-standing tradition is in its age; people innately trust people or companies that have done something well for years. 
Age, on some level, indicates success. A marriage that lasts 50 years signifies years of love, dedication, and sacrifice. A Church that has existed for 2000 years (in the face of every persecution imaginable) signifies an ability to withstand the storms of time.
The 200th post of any blog is something of a milestone; signifying a lot of writing on my part (and a lot of suffering on yours). At the very least, this 200th post on Gray Matters signifies that I enjoy bloviating. (In my defense, not every post was mine.) And the fact that you are still scanning these words, dear readers, indicates that you either have a high tolerance for pain, or that you enjoy reading these rants.
God willing, Gray Matters will reach many milestones in the years to come.

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