Thursday, December 13, 2012

Want to Stop Racism? Stop Talking about Race!

This minute and thirty seconds of complete foolishness about the supposed "blackness" of popular rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is going viral. Apparently, having a white fiancee and possibly voting Republican is enough to call into question one's "blackness."

The "analyst" is being flayed alive for his insane commentary, and rightfully so.
Here's the really irritating part about his thinking. The Civil Rights Era was successful - legal barriers based on race have been eradicated from our society. And that is as it should be. Any form of racism deserves an ugly and ignominious death.
The problem is that Mr. Parker's excessive fixation on race perpetuates racism! Constantly showering an evil such as racism with attention is the surest way to prolong that evil.
In a truly post-racial world, skin color doesn't matter. But by questioning a person whether a person is "one of us" based on one's choice of fiancee and voting habits, Mr. Parker chose to segregate "black people" from "white people" - and then set up an insane value judgment about how "black people" should adopt some secret code of blackness.
Memo to Mr. Parker: I DON'T CARE about your skin color. If you're black, wonderful! It doesn't matter to me. If you're white, that's great! I won't notice. (If you're spray-painted purple, seek help immediately.)
If Mr. Parker truly wants to stop racism, he should condemn it, and then STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! But if he wants to perpetuate the idiocy of racial thinking, he and his followers should keep spouting idiotic quotes like this one.

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