Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Post-Same Sex Marriage Future (The Addendum)

In my previous post, I argued that the proponents of same-sex marriage will collapse under the demographic pressure of their redefinition of marriage to de-emphasize children. I must make two rather frightening caveats to this assessment.
The first caveat is that the culture advocates of the new conception of marriage have created and will continue to forge will be alluring; the glitz and the gaudiness of the dying society (and the soft persecution that accompanies it) will draw in some of the children of faithful Catholics, causing them to embrace the culture of death. This, in and of itself, will not be sufficient to overturn the demographic tide (after all, individuals disgusted with the emptiness of the modern culture will likely swim the Tiber), but it will slow it slightly.
The second caveat involves the widespread adoption of artificial reproductive technologies. Already, technologies exist which shortcut the natural processes of childbirth, such as in vitro fertilization, surrogate mothers. (These processes create rather shocking moral questions.) The potential creation of artificial wombs is a very real possibility. Human reproduction may not need human participation soon
What I fear, quite literally, is a “Brave New World,” in which children are manufactured in laboratories and the human element is completely removed from the reproductive process. This would allow a society to replenish its numbers and dive ever deeper into the depths of hedonism. I fear that this future will take place because others openly call for it, even now.
This future would be the death of the family, if adopted. Children could be raised in government institutions, trained in government schools, and never have anyone to rear them other than the government. It would increase the role and the power of the government over humanity to absurd and dangerous levels.  
I do not think that such an institution would survive today, of course – the outcry, even in our troubled society, would as yet be too great. But a decadent society desperate to protect its vices and yet replenish its numbers might well be driven to adopt this nightmarish strategy, embracing servitude to a reproductive totalitarianism to maintain their pleasures.

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