Monday, March 11, 2013

Against Female Altar Servers

I wrote a paper in college decrying the very existence of female altar servers, and the onset of old age has not softened these views in the slightest.
The reasons why female altar servers should not be permitted by the Church have been hashed out by better men and women than me. Altar service, in a very real sense, is training for the priesthood (indeed, it was formerly one of the minor orders – offices to which individuals were ordained to on their way to priesthood). Young men learn about the priesthood through up-close observation. The allowance for female altar servers both gives the wrong impression that women can be priests and discourages men from service that can inspire them to choose the priesthood.
But there is another reason why female altar service is not a good idea. The action on the altar taking place on the altar is the sacrifice of Christ. All eyes should be centered on that action. The task of the altar server is to disappear, so to speak, while the sacrifice of the Mass is taking place; to humbly assist the priest in silent reverence.The role of the female is to be the visible expression of God’s beauty, so to speak. The female was created by God to be both seen and heard. The office of altar server conflicts with that feminine role.

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