Monday, March 4, 2013

Eternal Opposition to Sin

The 10 Commandments are universal rules, universally broken. Even faithful Christians break the commandments. Sin is practically ever-present among fallen humanity.
But certain commandments are universally accepted in theory, even if they are nearly universally-ignored in practice. In the abstract, there are few defenders of lying, theft, or killing (at least, of the born.)  
Other sins are far more “popular,” so to speak. Many defend adultery and excuse taking the Lord’s name in vain as a harmless offense against a non-existent deity.
But in Christianity, opposition to sin must be universal. Christians oppose popular sins for the same reason they oppose unpopular sins – because they’re wrong! Lying is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Theft is wrong. Lust is wrong. Idolatry is wrong. They are wrong today, were wrong in the past, and will be wrong in the future.
If a sin is unpopular, Christians must oppose it. If a particular sin becomes popular, Christians must still oppose it. Moral law does not change when social customs change.

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