Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Holistic View: Catholic Sexuality (Part 4)

Perversions of the human sexuality more problematic than birth control, such as homosexuality, transsexualism, and pedophilia are growing more and more common, and more acceptable to large segments of society.

Remove one boundary from Christian teachings on sexuality, and the rest must fall in turn, because all Catholic teaching on sexuality (and everything else) is intertwined. Remove the restriction against birth control, and the prohibition on abortion will fall. Accept abortion, and "gay marriage" must also be allowed. And so the process continues, until every perversion of sexuality is legitimized.
Perversions of sexuality such as homosexuality and pedophilia are the ugliest outgrowths of the permissiveness of the modern age. They show a complete and utter lack of disregard for the beauty of human sexuality, and substitute pleasure-seeking for love. 
For the pedophile, the action of intercourse is not self-gift, but about power and lust. The pedophile is someone who cares only about pleasure for himself or herself. The well-being of the child being molested is no concern at all to the pedophile. This focus on self-love (also present in a different form in masturabation) is completely antithetical to  a Christian conception of sexuality, which seeks the good of the other. 
Homosexuality is even more explicit in its rejection of a Christian worldview concerning intercourse. Homosexual acts do not result in mutual self-gift or self-reception. During homosexual intercourse, two people engage in an act which is sterile and medically damaging to both parties. The role of women is discarded by a male homosexual relationship, while the role of men is ignored by a female homosexual relationship. 
Transsexuals (more properly, those who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder) further blur the lines of gender. They suffer from the illness of believing that they were "born in the wrong body." And those who do not seek help for this disorder often mutilate their bodies, out of hatred for the gift of their body God has given them. To transsexuals, sexuality is a curse which they must alter in order to be perfect - with disastrous results.
There may well be very real urges towards these perverse sexual behaviors. Human nature and human sexuality have been corrupted by sin, and as such, they are rife with all kinds of perversions. Homosexual attraction, attraction towards children, and Gender Identity Disorder are indeed possible in a fallen world. And those who suffer from inclinations towards these perversions must be treated with respect and dignity.
But that fact does not mean that they should be considered acceptable. Society does not call some madman who believes that he is the King of England sane. (at least, not yet) A square is not a circle because some claim that it so. Truth remains truth, despite the yammering of the millions who reject truth.
It is not love to let those who remain in darkness continue in their sin. It is not love to tell those who wish to continue on self-destructive paths that their evil deeds are not sins. Admonishing the sinner is not an evil; rather, it is a spiritual work of mercy.
The Church will not allow people to remain in the depths of their own perverse darkness unchallenged. She cannot accept the lies of homosexuality, transexualism, pedophilia, and incest as normal and desirable. And she will preach those truths to any who have ears to hear, and defend those truths with Her very existence.   

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