Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poetry Session!

This is a fitting poem to close out this week's posting. It was written for two friends of mine - and it describes them very well. It also describes what a married relationship SHOULD be like.

One here stands, a lonely pillar
Strong and straight and smooth and tall,
Firm as statue’s stone, yet stiller,
Bearing, lest the temple fall.

One there stands, a lovely lily,
White yet red yet blue yet all,
Blossom beauteous in the hilly,
Flower feeling for its call.

One sees one, and one the other,
Two see one, both find a lover.
One steps forward, one responds,
Two engage, and then the bonds.

One steps forth, and joins the union
Three made two and two made one,
 Love unending in communion,
‘Til the day when all is won.


  1. Wonderful poem and wonderful blog! I found you via Mark Shea, and your work is excellent. As a recent convert to the Church I have found the Church to be in dire need of voices like yours, that articulate those timeless Truths, especially in the area of morality with clarity and without compromise.
    Would you mind, if I used your excellent poem (of course fully quoting the source) on my german-language blog "Kreuzfährten" as a kind of poetic introduction ore preamble to the currently planned section on a Catholic unterstanding of Sexuality? It is the best short poem I have come across on this topic.
    For your information, and if you're interested, here's the link to my blog:

  2. Thank you for your kindness! Of course you may share the poem, if you so wish. And I am trying to learn German myself, so your blog may well be an answer to a prayer. I'll keep a close eye on it.
    God bless you, and you are in my prayers!


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