Friday, February 3, 2012

The Logic Behind "Coming Out"

Homosexuals often “come out” and announce their sexual orientation to the rest of the world. Gay celebrities often “come out” to the public with fanfare, while gay individuals post videos in public places flaunting their sexual orientation.
No straight person (at least, none that I know of) feels the need to “come out” and announce to the world that he is straight. An obvious question then arises: Why do so many gay people feel the need to “come out?”
The answer lies in the nature of homosexuality, and the innate knowledge practicing homosexuals have that their lifestyle is self-destructive.
Homosexuality causes people who cannot reproduce to be attracted to each other. But the human sexual drive is designed (or has evolved, if you are an atheist) for the purpose of reproduction. So the active homosexual engages in behavior which renders ineffective one of his or her natural drives. The result is inner turmoil. 
But the homosexual often does not understand the root cause of why he is uneasy about his lifestyle – that his sex drive cannot result in reproduction.
So the homosexual seeks reassurance from other sources that he is not engaging in self-destructive behavior. The reassurance he seeks most often comes from his fellow man.
The homosexual who “comes out” and announces his sexuality to the world is seeking popular approval for his lifestyle. He wants his lifestyle to be affirmed, because he wants his gnawing unease about his sexuality to be satisfied. And he will not take no for an answer.
(Ironically, Christians do affirm homosexuals as people and as brothers and sisters in Christ. But they do not affirm their lifestyle, which is what homosexuals seek.)
Practicing homosexuals seek the approbation of others, so as to assuage the gnawing hunger they have that their lifestyle is disordered and harmful to them. And they will not stop until everyone approves of their way of life. 

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