Monday, March 19, 2012

Modernity's Fertility Conundrum

The modern world is undergoing a curious crisis of fertility.
On one hand, the modern world seeks to eliminate fertility altogether, through the use of contraception and abortion. Fertility is often treated as merely an undesirable and “treatable” byproduct of the sexual act.
On the other hand, the modern world seeks to extend fertility, through the usage of IVF treatments, fertility drugs, and even cloning. Fertility is often treated the result of scientific ingenuity and technological progress.
In both cases, the modern world seeks to control the gift of fertility – and cheapens the act of sexual union and the value of children. Sexual union a joyful, life-giving act from God, becomes either a mere search for pleasure or the process through which a baby is “made.” Children are not gifts, but either unwanted burdens or the “outgrowths” of parents' (or often parent's) desire.
This desire to control fertility is at its core an issue of pride. Rather than seeing fertility as a gift that is the natural result of sexual union, modern men and women seek to control it and bend it to their will. Modern men and women want children – but only on their say so.
The results of efforts to control fertility are disastrous. Broken marriages, childless families, thousands spent in (often futile) efforts to reclaim fertility wasted after years spent thwarting it through contraception.
The modern world’s attempt to subjugate fertility to human endeavor is a form of the old “Non serviam” of the devil. And like the ancient “Non serviam,” it leads to trouble and chaos for its practitioners.

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