Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seeking the Conversion of Sinners

Recently I came across an excellent post (on the Catholic sex abuse scandal, no less!) by a political columnist whom I normally disagree with on every issue of substance. His arguments were insightful, and he showed a surprising amount of understanding of the painful situation the Church and Her priests face.
This got me thinking. What if leading figures like this columnist were to turn around and become firm and faithful Catholics? 
What if this columnist were to write every column with such sound logic? How many people could he influence by his words to clearer thinking and better understanding?
What if Cecile Richards put her considerable management talents into ruuning a major crisis pregnancy center instead of an abortion business? What if Dan Savage channeled his passion and energy into a cause of love and not of anger?   
People such as Abby Johnson show us what can happen - they can become great champions for Christ. Everyone, even the most hardened sinner, has the potential to radically change their lives and do incredible things for Christ while alive.
And as Christians, we must show all we meet - including the enemies of Christ - a spirit of love that will help to enable this conversion.
The conversion of sinners is precisely what we must strive every day to help facilitate, through unceasing prayer and unwavering good example. We must seek the conversion of those who attack us, that they may be one with us in service to Christ. And we must welcome them with open arms when they do come home, as the father did in the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)

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