Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Feminized Society (Part 2)

In a previous post, I examined how American society had grown increasingly feminized. A feminized society carries with it both advantages and disadvantages. This post shall examine the advantages of a feminized society.
The advantages of a feminized society, predictably, reflect the strengths of women.
1)    Women tend to be less violent than men. They are more likely to talk over solutions to problems, rather than resort to fighting. Accordingly, a feminized society is less likely to resort to war to achieve its ends. Feminized societies tend to place a greaer emphasis on dialogue and utilize non-violent solutions to resolve conflict.
2)    Similarly, feminized societies tend to be gentler than masculine societies. Men tend to be less willing to tolerate what they consider to be wrongdoing or betrayal, and treat those who wrong them or others with greater roughness. Women tend to bear minor wrongdoings with a gentler hand than men. (To a point - when a woman gets really angry, stay far out of her way.)
3)    Feminine societies also tend to be more connected than masculine ones. Men tend to be “loners,” while women tend to be more social. Society is also more interconnected – or at least places a greater emphasis on communication.
4)    Feminized societies tend to be more civilized and more mannerly than other societies. Women are the civilizers of men, providing a patina of culture and polish to the otherwise rougher male. So societies reflecting a dominant feminine aspect tend to be more civilized as well.
Unsurprisingly, women do better in feminized societies. Societies with a greater emphasis on dialogue and civilization play to the fundamental advantage of women – emphasizing peace, mannerly behavior, and communication. Thus, women thrive in societies where these themes are dominant.
A feminized society is cleaner, calmer, gentler and more refined than a masculinized society, and is highly advantageous to women.

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