Friday, March 23, 2012

I Believe in a God of Love

I believe in a God of love.
I believe that God loves every single one of His creatures with an infinite, burning love, and that He wants all His human creatures to be with Him in Heaven forever.
That is precisely why I cannot support “popular” moral evils, such as homosexual activity.
For I believe He would not have bothered to warn us about Hell if such a place did not exist. (Mark 9:47-48) I also take Him at His word that those who stubbornly commit moral evil (including “popular” moral evil) will face eternal consequences.
I also believe that God is not a liar. I take Him at his word when He says that the gate to heaven is narrow. (Matt 7:13)
God does not lie to us. He loves us too much to do so.
And nor should His followers ignore Christ's warnings and lie to their fellow men about moral evil.
Thus, telling someone that something forbidden by God is acceptable is not love at all, but cowardice. If I tell a murderer that his actions are acceptable, I am lying.
This is true of all moral evil. Telling someone that homosexual actions are acceptable (NOT homosexuality per se, which is disordered but not evil) is not love, but a dereliction of duty. As a Christian, if I am asked whether evil is evil, I must not lie.
Many will accuse me of judgment. But I have not judged these behaviors to be evil – God has already done so. What God has already judged as wrong, I must oppose with Him.
And so, as a Christian, I will love you with every fiber of my being, no matter who you are or what you have done. I will give you anything that you ask me for (so far as the law of God allows) if you request it.
But as a Christian, I cannot lie to you and say that moral evil is acceptable, just as I could not justifiably lie to you in calling black white.
And if I or any Christian were to do so, that would be an expression of cowardice, not love.

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