Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Do Atheists Complain about Prayer?

Atheists often get upset whenever Christians or others pray for them. They feel that prayer is a waste of time, and sometimes even treat prayer as a personal attack on them and their lack of religious belief.
But there is a problem with their attitude towards prayer.
For if atheists are wrong, and if God exists, then prayer is doing a great deal of good – especially in Catholic theology, since no prayer is ever wasted. 
But if atheists are right, and if God does not exist, then what harm is prayer doing to the atheist? It merely wastes the time of the believer, and nothing more.
So why should atheists take personal offense at being prayed for?
Do they believe that God's non-existence is so obvious that they are angered at the very mention of something they believe is illogical?
Or are they really worried that God does exist, and try to avoid any mention of God or religion because they seek to quell their nagging doubts that they are wrong about His non-existence?

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