Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intolerant and Proud of It!

Tolerance is one of the buzz-words of modern society. The Urban Dictionary defines tolerance well: “The belief that it doesn’t matter what race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation a person is, as long as they never, ever disagree with you, and as long as that religion isn’t Christianity."
Americans must accept abortion, or gay marriage, or whatever else the ruling class wants – all in the name of the god of tolerance.
Those who preach tolerance are full of baloney, of course, and practice their creed about as frequently as they follow their own advice on climate change.
But there is something more than mere hypocrisy at work with tolerance. The premise of toleration for all is completely flawed.
Sometimes, of course, tolerance is a very good thing. Tolerating other races is good. Tolerating other faiths is good.
But tolerance is sometimes simply idiotic, and intolerance is often necessary.
Some actions, such as rape and child murder, simply cannot be tolerated, because they are destructive to other people. Tell a rape victim that she should tolerate her attacker’s proclivities, and see what kind of reaction you get. Try telling a mom whose child was murdered by some psychopath to tolerate the man's urgings, and observe the mother’s reaction (from a hundred miles away).  
Similarly, some policies simply cannot be tolerated, because they are destructive. I cannot tolerate abortion, since it is child murder. I cannot tolerate gay marriage, if such an institution will lead to the destruction of society.
I cannot tolerate what I believe to be wrong, if I have a shred of manhood. And I will fight what I believe to be wrong with every part of my being.
Am I am intolerant of wrongdoing and stupidity? Absolutely! And I am proud of my intolerance.

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