Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why Do Women Post Pictures of Themselves?

I often used to wonder why many girls felt compelled to post pictures of themselves posing on Facebook and other social media sites. While there is no way I will ever fully understand the complexities of the female brain (as if any male could!), there is a rather simple answer to this particular question.
Women who post pictures of themselves seek affirmation. Women were designed by God to reflect God’s beauty in creation. As such, many women feel the need to be told they are beautiful, because they (subconsciously) seek to affirm the fact that they are truly reflecting God’s glory, as they were made to.
Accordingly, women put themselves on display, so to speak, offering themselves up to the eyes of others to judge their beauty. Some adorn themselves with jewelry, some change their hairstyle and clothes, some go out dancing or to bars. Some go to the awful extreme of making YouTube videos asking people whether they are ugly.
And some do so by posting Facebook pictures. Single young ladies are especially prone to this behavior.
But this female craving for affirmation is exhibited in other states of life as well. Nuns, as “brides of Christ,” make themselves beautiful for their Divine Lover through prayer and service to Him. The married woman offers the gift of her beauty to her husband, seeking his approval of her beauty.
How should men respond to women’s craving for affirmation? Very simply. Men should affirm women by treating them with respect, by always affirming the beauty of women (WITHOUT leading them on), by acting honorably and chivalrously at all times. Husbands especially must always affirm the beauty of their wives, whom they have a special duty to cherish and protect.   


  1. Affirmation would suggest a woman knows she is beautiful and that she needs to have it confirmed regularly.That might be true for some.For the majority it is simply because they feel insecure.Maybe not as a whole person but most women I know have these moments that they need to hear something even if it is not true.Some women have darker motives and want to make a point.When a partner is involved,many likes for this woman could be intimidating like she is saying,"see hun,plenty other men who adore me.So be nice to me."Then you have some who simply do it for the attention.There is this one girl I know who constantly is posting pictures of herself on the internet and even asks people to respond if for some reason they don't.Whatever their motive for this attention,it's a little obsessive.

    1. It is certainly true that the female craving for affirmation can be taken to extremes. And it is also true that there can be ulterior motives for affirmation-seeking behavior.
      Still, however, just because some women abuse their craving for affirmation does not mean all do. The majority of women, I would argue do want to be considered beautiful by those they care about, both in their physical qualities and their interior lives.


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