Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Feminized Society (Part 4)

In previous discussions, we have examined the causes, positives, and negatives of a feminized society. It is time to give a final, overarching assessment of a feminized society.
Men and women are biologically designed to think and act in different and complementary ways. They have different strengths and weaknesses, and complete and complement each other. 
An ideal society should strike a balance between male and female principles, reflecting the complementary natures of men and women.
In an ideal society, men and women would work together, so that both they and those of the opposite gender might be happy. But the natural unity that should exist between both sexes is transformed into competition by fallen humans,  who seek their OWN pleasure and their OWN happiness. Both men and women accordingly attempt to control rather than assist one another.
Women and men attempt to assert control over the other sex in different ways. Men attempt to assert control over women through greater physical strength and aggressive temperament, and women attempt to assert control over men through their bodies.
In modern society, men’s sexual desires are effectively inflamed to the point of obsession by pornography, contraception, and other evils. By contrast, in a modern, technological age men’s greater physical strength becomes unnecessary (except in isolated places like sports fields), and an aggressive temperament is often a liability.
The result is that modern women are often able to easily control men with their bodies, shifting society in the direction of feminization.
Ironically, the weaknesses of women become more pronounced in a world where women dominate, while even the strengths of women are poisoned by the lack of a male counterbalance. For example, the woman’s greater capacity for communication in a feminized society manifests into a slavish devotion to electronic “connecting” outlets that facilitate isolation rather than authentic communication. (An over-masculinized society suffers from these problems in reverse. For example, the directness of man easily devolves into cruelty.)
Simply put, an overly feminized society is a society in peril, just as an overly masculinized society is a suffering society. A society which balances the strengths of men and women, and values the contributions of each, is a healthy society. 

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