Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Government in the Bedroom?

The feminist movement often argues that the government should stay out of the bedrooms of its citizens, arguing that the state should simply ignore citizens’ personal and sexual lives altogether.
If they really want to achieve this end, they should stop demanding that the government fully subsidize their birth control. By subsidizing birth control, government effectively intrudes into the bedrooms of its citizens.
For contraception is not health care (except in rare cases, and then it is only contraceptive per accidens.) By funding contraception, government is effectively subsidizing childlessness by choice, encouraging casual sexual behavior.
In order for government to truly “get out of the bedroom,” government would need to stop funding contraception and abortion altogether, and place no restrictions on contraceptive devices. Only then would government be truly “out of the bedroom.”
When feminists argue that “government should stay out of the bedroom,” of course, what they really mean is that government should subsidize free contraception and abortion on demand. They do want government in the bedroom – but they want government supporting their whims.
Catchy slogans like "get government out of the bedroom" distort reality.

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  1. Really could not have said it any better myself my friend.


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