Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Gray Matters!

It has now officially been one year since Gray Matters was created. During its first year, Gray Matters has collected over 10,000 pageviews – not bad for a site that was mothballed on several occasions, due to the nearly insuperable laziness of the chief blogger/editor.
I hope and pray that this blog has helped you, to understand Catholicism a little better. I know that it has helped me understand my own limits and frailties, in coming to grips with the incredible beauty and richness of the Faith.
I must thank you, loyal readers, for taking the time to read through the rants contained within. Gray Matters would not exist without your prayers, support, and readership. 
Some individual thank yous are also in order. My brother Thomas and my sister Grace have both proven to be invaluable editors, assistants, and critics. Jeff Miller, who blogs under the name Curt Jester, gave me extremely helpful advice on how to start Gray Matters, and was kind enough to provide a link to it. Mark Shea, who blogs at Catholic and Enjoying It!, was also kind enough to provide his wisdom, expertise, and approval during the formation of Gray Matters. (Insert subtle hint to visit their sites!) The blog would much diminished without their efforts.
Those of you who have linked to Gray Matters from your own sites, thank you as well for your seal of approval, and may God bless your own efforts and your generosity.
As Gray Matters enters its second year, may it continue to serve the purpose for which it was formed – helping souls come to understand Christ and his Church better.
Once again, I place my unworthy work at Your service, O Lord. May it prove fruitful in helping men and women come to know and love You better.

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